Want to take part in my MBA research?

I’m excited to announce the next phase of my MBA research goes live this week. Bravely putting my survey out into the world eager to understand your thoughts and responses.

Survey responses

Didn’t know I was doing an MBA? I’ve also done a post on my MBA learnings

The survey will look at customer perceptions of UK food retail & food brands CSR, ethical and sustainability commitments ( link to recap on my research)

If you live in the UK & are over 18 then you can take part — details below.

The survey will take no more than 15 minutes and comes with the chance of winning a £100 prize with the option of donating to a charity of your choice.

Link to take the survey:


Survey closes on the Sunday 7th March

Note — This is not sponsored by the Co-op, its an independent research project as part of my MMU MBA.

Please clap if you’ll take part in the survey

Share and comment below to promote this to as many people in our networks as possible.

Delivery Manager @coopdigital |Deputy President @JCIManchester |Mentor with @1millionmentor1 | MMU MBA student & Mrs Vikas to @MrVikas Views my own.

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