My word for 2022 — part 2

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My areas of focus in priority order

  • Meal planning — I love to cook and it helps me to unwind at the end of the day ( so this one doubles up with fun & recreation). Hello Fresh saved my ass in 2021. However 2022 is the year I’m consolidating my meal planning and prep approach. There could be a blog in this alone as I’m trying out a few things already. MealLime and cookbook to help me digitally meal-plan and collate my ingredients lists. Which also saves on food waste and therefore helping the planet. I mean I’m sold on this plan already!
  • Mindfulness practice — I’ve previously done a 365 meditation challenge back in 2017 — when I had time! (Mmm there’s a theme) and so 2022 is the year to consolidate my mindfulness practice and find a pattern that works for me. I get easily distracted at work contesting switching a lot! so my mindfulness is focussed more on workplace self-awareness. I’m trying 3–5 mins a day before starting work to get me started.
  • Self-love & compassion — one area I’m consolidating follows on from some work I started last year after I had some counselling ( see previous blog on talking about this). My relentless focus on my business and career goals had led to a strong inner critic, which was really getting me down and in my way! So 2022 is about working on my inner champion and hushing my inner critic.
  • Adventures with my husband — linking into fun & recreation this year ( touch wood with covid travel restrictions) we can explore a little more. We love travelling and so we’re hatching some plans to do more of what we love in 2022 ❤
  • Save for a house — The time has come to get a garden. We need a garden so we can have a dog! Of course it makes logical sense :) There’s some extra cash I want in the bank to pay for solicitors fees, house moving costs and some extra furniture we’ll need. So time to get saving!
  • Create a joint will — After 7 years of marriage we’ve still not personalised our wishes. Of course there are legal rights when you’re married but as we don’t intend to have children which I’ve talked about previously, conversations around what we want to happen to our possessions and the legacy we want to leave need to be properly considered. Connected to this I’m really interested in legacy, as we all need to be adults and lean into difficult conversations surrounding death & the impact we want to leave in the world.
  • Merge all my previous pensions into one pot — this is a seriously grown up consolidation task! Working through pension paperwork from numerous jobs and working with an IFA to work out what on earth I need to do to get all my other pensions into one location. Thinking about my financial future I need to get my house in order!
  • Language learning Spanish & Hindi — for those who might not know I studied Spanish at Uni and so until about 10 years ago I was fluent in Spanish after living in Spain for 18 months. A key learning about myself in 2021 was that learning is a core value of mine. And I can’t keep channeling my love of learning into formal degree level qualifications! So, I realised I can continue to fuel my love of learning and communication by consolidating my Spanish. Alongside this, I’ve always wanted to learn a language with a different alphabet to the European languages and so I’m 40+ days into learning Hindi on DuoLingo and loving it!
  • Gardening — As we plan to move house and get a larger garden for now I plan to work with what I’ve got on the terrace and revive things that look dead from the autumn/winter. Any tips here gratefully received.
  • My UpFront journey — After graduating from Bond 4 in July. I am continuing to work on developing my understanding of what it means to be a feminist and part of the UpFront global bond — there’s more to explore and unpack here connected to self-love, authenticity and community.
  • Blog writing — I plan to consolidate my newly established reading and writing practice. After attending UpFront I realised I wanted to write more — but how to find the time! I had adjusted my working pattern to help with MBA part-time studies and so after submitting my dissertation in May I adjusted my working hours to give me 1.5 hours a week to actively work on my personal writing. I wouldn’t have written his very blog if it wasn’t for this.
  • Reading practice — This is something I made the time for when doing my MBA and am working on how I create space and time both in and outside of work to read more. In particular taking the time to read more ThoughtEconomics articles — Not biased to read more of my husband’s work at all :)
  • Post MBA reflections: the merits of executive education
  • Being a Trustee at 33:why we need more young professionals on boards
  • The future of executive education:life-long leadership learning
  • CX (Customer Experience) secondment reflections
  • There are a few other experiences as well from 2021 I’m keen to share as well
  • MBA Graduation ceremony — On Thursday 13 January 2022 I will graduate from MMU with a MBA distinction. This will be a milestone day in my life. Given its significance I’m writing some reflections on what this graduation means to me. Though one thing I will be doing is creating a graduation photo wall of my achievement to remind myself of the power of hard work and determination.
  • Sustainable business community networks — throughout my life I’ve gone through periods of connecting more deeply with my love of our planet. I studied environmental politics in my masters, supported a local community apple juice project, stood for the Green Party as a parliamentary candidate back in 2017 and most recently my MBA dissertation looked at the role of CSR in retail. So building on my passions, interest and MBA research I’m keen to consolidate my connections with a number of sustainability networks such as Better Business Network, Co-op’s new sustainability CoP and run a sustainability themed event with JCI Manchester.
  • Women in living legacies ( WILLs) — more to come on this, I’m interested in the idea of the legacy we live in our lifetime as women ( beyond children as a legacy) is a topic I’m keen to work through.
  • Environment and climate change — connected to the above business section sustainability is intersectional across all the areas of our lives and so I’m excited to see how my environmental interest coupled with these areas can lead to some interesting opportunities to make a change.
  • Speaking up — connected to my experiences with UpFront I’m working on learning how best to use my voice and speak up on the issues that matter to me.



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