My word for 2022: Consolidate -part 1

Consolidating the many strands of my life
  • make (something) physically stronger or more solid. — “the first phase of the project is to consolidate the outside walls”
  • combine (a number of things) into a single more effective or coherent whole. “all manufacturing activities have been consolidated in new premises”
  • Building my personal foundations. I worked a lot on my physical health and mental wellbeing last year and there’s always more we can do to build our resilience — I learned a lot from my extracurricular commitments the last 2 years and I’m eager to ensure I set myself up for future success by ensuring I have a solid foundation of practices to support myself in my career progression journey.
  • Combining my experiences into a coherent story. Over the last 2 years I’ve had to compartmentalise a lot of my life to cope with; a full-time job, part-time MBA and being a voluntary president of JCI Manchester — as well as holding down relationships and having time to enjoy life. I’ve had a vast array of experiences and learnings during this time as well as sacrifices I’ve made in terms of what I can realistically do and achieve with my time




Delivery Manager @coopdigital |Deputy President @JCIManchester |Mentor with @1millionmentor1 | MMU MBA student & Mrs Vikas to @MrVikas Views my own.

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Rachael Shah (Ball)

Rachael Shah (Ball)

Delivery Manager @coopdigital |Deputy President @JCIManchester |Mentor with @1millionmentor1 | MMU MBA student & Mrs Vikas to @MrVikas Views my own.

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